Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hans Christian Andersen Fairytales

The Princess and the Pea, The Little Mermaid, Thumbelina and The Brave Tin Soldier
By: Hans Christian Andersen

The story I will be summarizing is The Princess and the Pea. In the princess and the pea, a prince longs to marry a real princess, so he travels the world and searches and searches, never finding someone. So he comes home again. One night there was a bad storm and a princess knocks at the door of the castle. The queen, determined to see if the princess was a real one, took a pea, laid it on the bedframe and piled twenty mattresses on top. If the girl could feel the pea through the mattresses, then she was a real princess. The princess had the most awful's night's sleep because the bed was so uncomfortable; she was black and blue all over. THen the prince promptly married her because no one but a real princess could be as sensitive as that. Then they put the pea in a museum where it can still be seen today.
Who would benefit from reading this story?
I think anyone would benefit from reading this story. It's classic princess story with a fun and unexpected twist to test the princess.
What problems do you see this story causing?
I do not see this story causing any problems.
What was your reaction?
I knew when we had to read Hans Christian Andersen that I immediately wanted to read the princess and the pea. When I was a lot younger, I had a book of the Princess and the Pea that had wonderful and engaging illustrations; I read it all the time. I loved how the illustrations were able to suck you into the story and imagine that you were there with the princess and the prince and the crafty queen.

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