Saturday, March 6, 2010

Children Just Like Me

Children Just Like Me
By Anabel and Barnabas Kindersley
DK Publishing Inc.
September 1995
Ages: 8-11 years of age.
Pages: 79

This is a wonderful informational children's book that displays children from all around the world and tells of their friends, family, favorite foods and activities. It has great pictures of all of the children and where they live and their families, etc.
Who would benefit from reading this book?
I think all children and adults alike would benefit from reading this book. It is extremely informative without being boring. It is bright, colorful and very interesting with eye catching images that would catch the interest of any reader.
What problems do you see arising from this book?
I currentlydo not see any problems arising from reading this book.

What was your reaction?
I really enjoyed reading this book. It was extremely informative and I loved all of the wonderful photographs.

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