Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lincoln: A Photobiography

Lincoln: A Photobiography
Written By: Russell Freedman
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing
September 1989
Ages: 8-12.
Pages: 144

This book is a little hard to summarize. It's a book about Lincoln's life that is written specifically for children and is accompanied by authentic photographs of President Lincoln, his family and of different things that went on during that particular time period, such as Union Soldiers and pictures of the President of the Confederate United States, Jefferson Davis. The book goes through several different important periods in Lincoln's life and ends with the description of his death.
Who would benefit from reading this book?
I think anyone, especially elementary school history teachers or those children interested in President Lincoln and the civil war would enjoy reading this book and looking at all of the pictures.
What problems do you see arising from reading this book?
As of right now, the only problem I can think of is that this book contains information about the violence of slavery, the civil war and the assassination of President Lincoln. Some younger audiences might be disturbed by the book's content.
What was your reaction?
I didn't necessarily love the book, nor did I necessarily hate it. I just thought it was a good informational book, probably a good book to have if you're teaching elementary school.

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