Saturday, March 27, 2010

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters
Written By: Rick Riordan
Hyperion Books
March 2007
Ages: 9-12

This book takes place in Percy's seventh grade school year. And it is extremely quiet, something that he's not used to happening at all. Percy is having a hard time at school though because a developmentally delayed homeless child named Tyson at school follows him around and all of the other kids make fun of him for it. After an amazing and terrifying battle of dodgeball with man eating cannibalistic giants, Tyson, Percy and Annabeth flee to camp half blood to find that the magical barriers around it that keep it protected are failing and Thalia's pine tree is dying. Through some interesting dreams that connect Percy to Grover, Percy discovers that Grover has been taken hostage by the legendary Cyclops from Homer's the Odyssey. Along with the daughter of the God of War Clarisse, Tyson, Annabeth and Percy must sail through the legendary Sea of Monsters, the Bermuda Triangle, to save camp Half Blood and bring back the golden fleece by the end of the summer or mosters, the treacherous Luke and his evil minions will take over.
Who would benefit from reading this book?
Anyone who enjoyed the first Percy Jackson book, The Lightning Thief, will definitely enjoy the sequel. It has lots more adventure and intrigue and a couple of twists that the reader won't expect. it will keep them interested and asking for more once the book is over and done with.
What problems do you see arising from reading this book?
The Only problem I see arising from reading this book is that there is a lot of fantasty related violence in these books that the children encounter when they are on their quests. Some children reading the book might not be comfortable with it.
What was your reaction?
After finishing reading The Lightning Thief, I went out and bought the next two books in the series because I love the first one so much. The author is extremely talented at bringing ancient greek mythology to life in Modern times and does a great job of weaving in believable and relatable characters.

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