Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Return of the Indian

The Return of the Indian
Written By: Lynne Reid Banks
HarperCollins Publishers
October 1987
Ages: 10-12
Pages: 189


In the first book Omri nearly avoids disastrous consequences with Little Bear and finally decides to send him back to his own world and his own time. Omri then gives his mother the key to the cupboard for safe keeping and so he won't be tempted to use it ever again. He now understands the importance of Little Bear staying in his own time. But a year later Omri has lots of exciting news to tell and Omri's mother carelessly leaves the key on the bathroom sink and he gives way to temptation and brings Little Bear back to life, only to find that he has been injured in the French and Indian War. What originally started out as a game quickly turns into a nightmare and Omri must act quickly if he wants to save Little Bear's village from being completely slaughtered in the onslaught of war.

Who would benefit from reading this book?

I think anyone who enjoys a good twist on historical fiction or even if they enjoyed the first book in the series would love this book. It's exciting and adventurous and perfect for a good read on a rainy day.

What problems do you see arising from reading this book?

This book deals with a lot of violence and the consequences of violence due to the French and Indian war that Little Bear is involved in. Some younger audiences may find the content a tad bit innappropriate.

What was your reaction?

As with many other books I've read this semester, it has been a long time since I've read this one. I think the last time I read the entire series was when I was in the seventh grade. i'd forgotten how much I loved the excitement and adventure found in this book.


  1. I was reading my daily blogs (children's literature) and yours popped up. I interviewed Lynne Reid Banks and posted the interview on my website www.goodconversations.com. She talks about "The Indian and the Cupboard," what the movie making process was like and so much more. There's no cost to see it and this is not spam. Just from one Lynne Reid Banks fan to another............

  2. I am sad you are not writing any more reviews. Why did you stop?

  3. It was for a class....but I could start doing it again. I just might tweak it a little bit... :)