Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Gingerbread Man!

The Gingerbread Man
Retold By: Jim Aytesworth, Illustrated By: Barbara McClintock
Scholastic Inc.
April 1998
Ages: 4-8 years
Approx. 20-30 pages

This is the classic story of the Gingerbread Man with an extended rhyming pattern and beautiful illustrations and text that suck you right into the classic adventure.
Who Would Benefit From Reading this Book?
Anyone who is a fan of the original classic would be most definitely be a fan of this version. Especially busy moms looking for an activity for their children to do, seeing as there is a delicious recipe for gingerbread at the end of the book!
What Problems do you see this book causing?
I do not see this book causing any problems.
What was your reaction?
I personally loved the book, the pictures and the recipe for gingerbread that is included, but I think that it might be a little difficult for young children to pay attention to, seeing as it drags on a little bit.

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