Thursday, January 21, 2010

When the Fly Flew In......

When the Fly Flew In
By: Lisa Westberg Peters, Illustrated By: Brad Sneed
Scholastic Inc., Trumpet Books Special Edition
September 1996
Ages: 5-8 years.
20-30 pages

A young boy neglects cleaning his VERY messy room because all of his pets are sleeping there. (A dog, a cat, a parakeet and a greedy hamster.) But then, a pesky fly flies in and the room mysteriously get cleaned......
I think EVERYONE would benefit from reading this book. Especially the children (and their parents) whose rooms all to closely resemble the illustrations in this whitty and delightful book and anyone who has a lot of pets and have experienced anything close to this.
I do not see this book causing any problems. If anything, it would show children that they need to clean their room before it gets too messy to have a fly and bugs and moldy food laying about!
I just thought this book was hilarious. I myself am sort of messy on occasion and my family also has lots of pets, many more so than the young boy in this story, but I can totally see this chain of events occuring somewhere in my house!

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