Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Popcorn Dragon

The Popcorn Dragon
By: Jane Thayer, Illustrated By: Lisa McGue
Scholastic Inc.
November 1990
Ages: 4-7 years.
20-30 pages.

This story is about a young dragon named Dexter who has recently discovered that he can blow smoke! Unbeknownst to naiive Dexter, the innocent showing off of his new smoke skills offends the other animals and makes them not want to play with him because they become jealous and they believe that Dexter is taunting them. Dexter goes off on his own and discovers something really fun and exciting he can do with his smoke that helps him make it up to his animal friends.
I think just about anyone would benefit from reading this book. It's just got a really fun theme/storyline that sort of sucks you in from the Book Title on. It also teaches young children that while it's important to cultivate the talents that you have, it is also important to be considerate of others around you and to not show off too much.
I do not see this book causing any problems. If anything it teaches children a life lesson that would've been difficult to learn about otherwise.
I love this book because of it's fun storyline and variety of animals/characters in the illustrations. It combines fantasty/fairytale animals like dragons with ones of the African Savannah like Giraffes, Elephants and Zebras.

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