Saturday, January 23, 2010


Written and Illustrated By: Tedd Arnold
Scholastic Inc.
October 2000
Ages: 3-8 years.
Approx. 15-20 pages

This book is about a young, five year old boy who fears he is falling apart at the seams until he learns that it is normal for teeth to fall out, for new hair to grow and for lint to be in his belly-button!
Who Would Benefit from reading this book?
I think virtually anyone would benefit from reading this book. It's witty and hilarious and helps young children become familiar with the different things that occur or happen to their growing bodies and that it's perfectly normal to have boogers!
What problems could this book cause?
I do not see this book causing any problems.
What was your reaction?
I LOVE this book. I always read it when I need a good laugh or someone in my life needs cheering up!

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