Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Letter, The Whitch and the Ring

The Letter, The Witch and the Ring
By: John Bellairs, Illustrated By: Richard Egielski
Penguin Group
August 2004
Ages: 12 and up

The Letter, The Witch and and the Ring is about a young girl, Rose Rita Pottinger, who becomes extremely bored after her friend, Lewis goes to boy scout camp for the summer. In an effort to save her summer vacation, Rose Rita goes on a road trip with her elderly, but very magical neighbor, Mrs. Zimmermann who needs to go to collect the contents of her Cousin Oley's farm in Wisconsin, and a special snake shaped ring he believed to be magical. Rose and Mrs. Zimmermann encounter many more strange, wild and dangerous happenings than they had every dared dream of and they find out through a series of events that someone very evil wants to keep the ring for themselves as Oley's farm was ransacked, ruined and the ring gone by the time they arrive in Wisconsin. The whole story and Rose's situation takes a turn for the worst when Mrs. Zimmermann disappears and she is faced with the reality of having to solve the mystery on her own.
Who would benefit from reading this book?
I think anyone who enjoys a good-edge-of-your-seat mystery or even a fanstasy would like this book. Like most of the books I'm reviewing, I think the age range of this book goes way beyond the twelve and up. I think any person of any age, would enjoy this book. Its an interesting interpretation of a gothic mystery/fantasy novel.
What Problems do you see this book potentially causing?
This book is a bit more "dark" than the average children's fantasy/mystery novel and some children/pre-teens might be potentially disturbed with the subject matter.
What was your reaction?
My younger brother, jacob, actually introduced me to the interestingly unique literary world of John Bellairs and The Letter, The Witch and the Ring is by far my favorite book that he has written. It's an interesting read that keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time you read the book.

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