Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Little Princess

A Little Princess, A Signet Classic
By: Frances Hodgson Burnett
Penguin Group
May 1995
Ages: ?
Pages: 222

Sara, aged ten, grew up in India and was a well-behaved, compassionate and loving child, despite being used to the luxuries and comforts that the incredibly wealthy enjoy. When her father, an office in the British Army, must go to war, he takes her to a boarding school "Miss Minchin's" in New York City. There Sara stays after she is orphaned and goes from an incredibly wealthy young lady with smarts, destined for greatness, to a penniless, scullery maid forced to do exhausting, back breaking work. But Sara does not lose hope as circumstances continue to deteriorate; she dreams harder and has more determination than ever that will bring her to what she is meant to be and the actual reality that lays before her.
Who would benefit from reading this book?
I think any young girl who has been through hard times would love this book. It's a sort of Cinderella story that has the ability to kindle the fire of hope in anyone who reads it.
What problems could this book potentially cause?
I personally do not see this book causing any immediate problems, only that Miss Minchin is particularly cruel. Some might not agree with this situation.
What was your reaction?
This was one of my favorite books growing up; its one of those kinds of books that you'll never forget once you've read it.

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